799 Responses to “Gadgets”

  1. brendan hassall says:

    thank you for distracting sasha

  2. little Jacob says:

    i remember this a few years ago on de igoogle man

    love my breda

  3. AJ says:

    I like this. It is fun. Made my blog so much better thanks so much

  4. wellwell says:


  5. Margery says:

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  6. Elisha says:

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  7. Commenter says:

    I remember this on Google+. Good times.

  8. Kakkoiikun says:

    Kinda cool and cute.

  9. Eallin says:

    It is a great pitty that the sounds for the Pendulum clock are no longer available at the server and the clock is without sound. I remember the good times when I left the igoogle open and speakers on just to go to sleep to the ticking and chimes. :C

  10. horselover2000 says:

    Can you make more gadgets like a bunny a horse and a dolphin?

    • Mik3 says:

      I wish that too. I would be happy to help in any way to be able to have more pets like the treefrog and the well known cute little hamster that I adore so much.
      I REALY LOVE the concept that I can change the colors of the pet – I will assist . THANKS

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