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  1. ibu astuti di malaysia says:

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  2. darlan says:

    Que bosta de site. vai se lascar.

  3. darlan says:


  4. darlan says:

    vai tomar no cu o dono dessa merda fedida…..
    arrombado do caraio….

  5. Nicole says:

    THX!!!So cute;)

  6. anonymous says:

    How do I put this gadget onto my mac dashboard?

  7. Nick says:

    I want to play it on computer desktop.How can I get the code?

  8. Rowen from China says:

    This page doesn’t support GBK…….
    They are just some flashs ,so you can download them and upload where you want.

  9. Dez Nuts says:

    I like the hamster!!

  10. Ponie says:

    How to get the spider?? I can’t get it!!!! Please explain!

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