800 Responses to “Gadgets”

  1. chen bie zhi says:

    I really like it,Can I put it on my website? Thank you

  2. rubic says:

    thank you! I put it on my website, so interesting!

  3. james clarke A.K.A WWE2K17 says:

    very happy thank-you

  4. Alex says:

    I create a new html file ,it can work proper in local.But sadly, after push it on githubpage , there just blank in the page.It confused me

  5. jack says:


  6. zllp says:

    very good

  7. BlackYoshi says:

    I like

  8. ChickenNugget says:

    So rad, my dudes

  9. zhaojiang says:

    thank you! so interesting!

  10. yangchen says:

    I like it

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