Ball Clock

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This Ball Clock gives you a fun and unique way to see what time it is. The balls on the top two ramps represent the minutes and the balls on the bottom ramp represent the hours.

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204 Responses to “Ball Clock”

  1. patrick says:

    this is dum

  2. Liz says:

    This is nice.

  3. The Bowman says:

    Well, the fun part is at the change to 1:00

  4. a random Opimist says:


  5. Jimmy Bob says:

    When the clock goes from 12:59 to 1, all of the balls except one gets taken out!

  6. A Commenting Person says:

    That is supposed to happen

  7. Ruben says:

    This is very cool

  8. A Critic! says:

    I BROKE IT! One of the cups moved weirdly up! Funny!

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