Disc Drop

A simple Plinko-like game for your page.

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198 Responses to “Disc Drop”

  1. Diplu says:

    the trick to get 50 all time…… edit the game….see in embed code..you will find the ”opaque” word. replace it with ”transparent”….then see the magic….

  2. Coolness says:

    lalalalalalalalalalalalala sory lolololololololololololololol

  3. MLP says:

    my high score was 210

  4. sml says:

    That’s amazing,and really fun.how do you made that?

  5. Marlon says:

    High scroe was 210

  6. CoolGuy11111111111 says:

    Cool Game high score 250 loved it

  7. CoolGuy11111111111 says:

    cool game loved it high score 250

  8. CoolGuy11111111111 says:

    sorry posted twice on accident

  9. Cat lady says:

    my score is 155

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