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Here is your number one companion – cute, talented and loyal.  He can sit, lie down and roll over.  Try giving him a pet and watch how he responds.  Keep your dog entertained by playing ball or giving him a bone.  Reward him by giving him a treat.  To get him to sit, double-click your mouse on the ground close to him.  Double-click again to get him to lie down.  Then hold your mouse button down and make a circular motion to tell him to roll over.

You can make changes to the dog by clicking the edit settings link above.

If it isn’t working for you, you might need to get the latest version of flash.

689 Responses to “Dog”

  1. DerpsALot says:

    I want a cat one 😀

  2. rose says:

    I WANT A CAT ONE!!!!!!!

  3. Blanche says:

    I want a cat one too! Why should the doggies get all the fun?

  4. joe says:

    make it a chrome extension

  5. joe says:

    make it a chrome app

  6. Jack says:

    Please a chrome extension for fun, in browser use

  7. patrick says:

    i want the sandwich. and i want a cat one too.

  8. Tara w. says:

    Mezmorizing cat one plz because then everyone gets the fair share

  9. Please says:

    Please, make it a Chrome Extension, lots of people will be happy

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