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Add a touch of nature to your page with these hungry little fish.  Watch them as they follow your mouse hoping you will feed them by clicking the surface of the water.

Click the edit setting link below to customize the fish. When you are finished copy and paste the embed code below to your webpage.

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2,093 Responses to “Fish”

  1. chandler mcclellan says:

    its the best

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  2. Gene says:

    Buddha: Water features that position a ‘wealth deity’ at the top, such
    as a laughing Buddha, are considered to bring good luck and stability of wealth.
    Despite the strength of wood, it can rot, split, warp or become subject to mold and mildew,

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  3. Terese says:

    In order to achieve the dots that a lady bug has, you can use black paint
    or black felt pieces cut in to circular shapes in order to
    create them. What ever your reason for wanting to buy costume jewellery and no matter the price range you are

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