Newton’s Cradle

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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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169 Responses to “Newton’s Cradle”

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  3. Ishrak says:

    How can i install these cool gadgets into my desktop running on windows 8.1 operating system.

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  4. yomama says:

    how come the gadget doesn’t show up on my computer? can someone tell me whats wrong??

  5. juan says:

    They aren’t for installing. But, you in notepad can put: (then, put the “embed code”).
    And save it as Newton.html (example), but always .html

  6. rebeca says:

    som para os meus ouvidos!ok

  7. MLP says:

    i really like that they have neon colors

  8. pramit says:


  9. munyin says: