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Have fun while improving your typing skills with this simple typing game.

Get over 1000 points and you can submit your score to the High Scores page.

110 Responses to “type-it”

  1. PeaNut says:

    O.O cool

  2. keyboad says:

    Like it!

  3. felix says:


  4. zandrel says:

    cool practice typing

  5. 123456789IS SILY says:

    boring and soooooooo annoying!!!

  6. 123456789IS SILY says:

    blah blah blah school picture day

    • Basti says:

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  7. Mike says:

    Get to Greasy Hooks. That my new favorite site. Lots of cheap and great tablets and loads of electronics.

  8. perfect says:

    aff chatisseeeeeeeeeeee

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